The goal of our menu is to offer our guest a journey through the Langhe cuisine, with the highest attention in the association of tastes and scents, while the appearance of each dish conveys the quality of it.

The “ouverture” suggests a tasting of starters, varying from day to day according to what nature, season and markets propose., Some of the starters will be available throughout the year: such as the delicate liver paté enriched in marsala wine, the parmesan “zabajone” with fresh vegetables and the marinated codfish salad with onion jam and crispy fries.

Then the “primi piatti”: from the very traditional “Tajarin” (fresh pasta noodles), rolled out and cut by hand with a knife, to the “Raviolini del plin” (small ravioli pinched with fingers) made to the true ancient Langa recipe; or the red and white rice with mushrooms, vegetables and sausage, potato “gnocchi”, or the most time-honoured vegetable soup.

Traditional main courses like the Barolo-braised veal shank, the roasted pork collar, and the classical raw meat (cut down to pieces by hand with a knife, to preserve its intense taste) are sometimes comforted or replaced by more unusual dishes: Barolo braised veal tail, marinated and grilled eel…

The cheese trolley is offers a selection of the best from Piedmont, and some interesting proposals from other areas of Europe. Cheese will be served with homemade “cognà” and Langhe honey.

Last but not least, the desserts: the home speciality caramel “Giandujot”, panna cotta, sorbets and fresh fruits meringues, and the Moscato zabajone with corn-flour cookies.