Monforte d’Alba is the last bulwark of the Langa of Barolo.

A small town rich in history: its origins can be traced back to the Roman times. The name of the village carries the apparent martial meaning of “strong, strategic spot” (Mons Fortis), and such it has actually been for centuries, throughout the countless disputes between the local Signori and the libero comune of Alba.

The ancient castle was subjugated in 1028 by Ariberto d’Intimiano, archbishop of Milan, because it had become the safe haven and headquarters of Manichaean hereticals, the Catari.
Defeated and drawn to Milan, the Cathares refused to disavow and were convicted to death by fire.

In the Low Middle Age, Monforte has been in possession of the Marquis of Cortemilia, of the Comune of Alba, of Milan nobles Visconti and the Marquis Del Carretto.

Today the castle has become the stately home of the Marquis Scarampi del Cairo. It’s been rebuilt many times starting from 1706 over the remainders of the ancient fortress. The little piazza at the top of the hill overlooks the charming village, and an amazing view of the Alps can be enjoyed.